Blended learning

Even though Blended learning may seem pretty new, long before the internet, in remote areas in Mexico a program called ( we still have it) “telesecundarias” ( something like tv middle high school) was instituted for the benefit or communities which could only have one teacher or facilitator. And it functions as follows, subject teachers make recordings of the classes and then these classes are broadcasted on a special tv channel for the “telesecundarias”, so I guess it was kind of blended learning. Any way my point is and referring to the reading, blended learning has advantages and disadvantages, some are in favor and others do not. I like to try new things, in fact I began reading about it about 2 years ago. It is difficult to make changes because it involves preparation, planning, knowing to do things differently. I guess that a good starting point is to start with one activity and then add more.


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